Get Your Gluten Away From Me!!


What a sweetheart. I wish everyone was like this. But for those of you who just don’t understand, see the next image.


Now does it make more sense? If I say “I can’t eat that”, don’t tell me that just one bite won’t hurt. It does. Keep your gluten away from me.

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Summer Fun With Blue Diamond


These Blue Diamond almonds have saved me twice now.

The first time I was “saved” was on my last day of work. My boss promised to provide breakfast. That included a big giant pile of a dozen gluten-filled bagels. No thank you.

I slept in that morning, opting not to set an alarm. I just planned to roll out of bed and go clean my classroom. No need to look put-together when no kiddos are in school. Plus, showering before cleaning a classroom full of cobwebs and spiders is pointless. I didn’t have time for breakfast that morning. Enter Blue Diamond almonds to save the day! I shared them with my coworkers. Sharing is caring. They devoured the blueberry ones. Lucky for me, not many people are fans of coconut flavored things. So I got those all to myself. It’s a good thing too, because I had some leftover to take with my on my trip back to Ohio.


My flight was delayed because of bad weather in the Midwest. So I had to practically sprint to my connector flight so I didn’t miss it. No time for a lunch break. I snacked on these almonds to hold me over until I could find something decent to eat. These almonds are a great travel snack. I will definitely remember that for the next time I travel. You should keep that in mind too.

* I received these delicious almonds courtesy of Blue Diamond Almonds.

What are your favorite travel snacks?

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Blend 2014

It’s now Wednesday night and I am just getting around to writing a Blend Retreat 2014 recap post. See, told you I’ve been busy. In fact, there are so many other things I should be doing right now instead of blogging. But I am going to put them off until tomorrow just because I feel like it.

This past weekend was my second time attending Blend. You can read my recap from last year here. Blend is a girl’s weekend where bloggers and their readers can get away from reality and get to know one another in person. I started reading blogs several years ago. I eventually decided to start my own blog. To be honest though, I’m not too passionate about blogging these days. I kind of felt like a fraud attending a blogging event. It didn’t matter though. Everyone at Blend was so welcoming and sweet. They didn’t care about my blog credibility. Blend 2014 actually helped me renew my passion for blogging. So expect to see me post more frequently.

Now for the recap of Blend.

I cannot do this awesome weekend justice in just one blog post. But I’m going to try my best to help you visualize what it’s like to be there.

I left LAX on Friday morning eager to see blends (blogger friends) that I met at last year’s retreat and at HLS. I was also excited to meet new blogging friends.

Friday night at Blend is for cocktail hour and dinner. It’s our way of proving that we don’t live in workout clothes 24/7. The cocktail hour was sponsored by Flourowater and Sizzlefish. I was too busy stuffing my mouth with delicious salmon from Sizzlefish to snap any photos.

I did however take a picture of the gluten free pizza and salad from dinner.


I can’t remember the last time I had pizza, so this was a fun treat. The cheese wasn’t very kind to me though.

Friday night shenanigans continued after dinner. We wanted to go to the photo booth and take pictures but it was broken. So I had the idea of using all their props and taking pictures in the hotel lobby. Worked well since we could fit more people in the picture.


In the back row (from left to right) is Amanda, Nicole, Nicole, Ari, Katie, and Erika. I’m in the front (wearing bunny ears) with Mollie.

I went up to my giant 2,000 sq. ft. suite after dinner and asked my roommate Alex if she wanted to play a game of Cards Against Humanity. It turns out Lauren had also brought the game and was starting a round in her suite down the hall. So that’s where we headed before going to bed.

I didn’t sleep well Friday night so I skipped Saturday morning’s boot camp sponsored by Onnit. I did however manage to peel myself out of my giant king sized bed just in time for the breakfast sponsored by Quest. They treated us to chocolate fudge cookie cups, as well as regular breakfast foods like eggs, sausage, and potatoes.


Quest also provided each Blend Retreat attendee with a swag bag full of Quest bars. These are my favorite protein bars so I was more than thrilled to receive some swag from them. Unfortunately my doctor told me today that I shouldn’t be eating them because of the cow product that they contain. Womp womp. I may #cheatclean anyway. Sinuses be damned.

After breakfast we went up to our suite and discovered that there had been a room drop. Thanks, Camelbak for the filter and water bottle.


My blue bottle disappeared. So if one of my roommates went home with two, you’re welcome.

We went on a hike Saturday after breakfast. Organic Valley sponsored the hike and gave everyone backpacks to take along with them.


These were my suite-mates (minus Kate, who took the picture). From left to right is Amanda, Julie, Mollie, Katie, me, Alex, Maddy, and Kait.

We had to take a gondola up the mountain, but it was worth it. The views were breathtaking. Check out some of these scenes from the hike.


We were on our own Saturday night. I decided to tag along with a group of girls who were going to the High West Whiskey Distillery.


My goal was to find a restaurant with a TV so I could watch game 2 of the Stanley Cup. I eventually ended up at Wasatch Brewery, where they had the game playing on 4 TVs. No pictures were taken here since the food was mediocre and not at all photogenic. I came back to the hotel and watched the rest of the Kings game (they won!!) before heading downstairs to Janetha’s suite for a Utah scones party hosted by her mom, Momma B. Most of Saturday night was a blur. I was so tired, but I slept so well that night.

It’s a good thing I got a good night’s sleep, because Sunday brought about a tough GPP boot camp. I learned that burpees do indeed hate me just as much as I hate them. But it’s cool. I still had fun doing the team workout with Danica, Sam, Mollie, and Kate.


I don’t remember much of Sunday’s breakfast other than that it was sponsored by Yoplait and Nature Valley. I was too busy saying goodbyes to all of my new blends. Plus, I was really excited about the closing ceremony. I ended up winning 6 jars of peanut butter from my favorite peanut butter company of all time, Peanut Butter & Co.


My plane didn’t leave SLC until Sunday night so I had some extra time between the closing ceremony and going to the airport. Canadian Julie, my roommate Julie, Amanda, and I decided that we should make a trip to Cafe Rio for salads. It was the perfect lunch and just what we needed before we said goodbye to each other.


And then because I still had some time to waste before going to the airport, I stopped to visit my friend Bethany in Sugar House. We went to high school together and even lived together for a few years back in college. It was great spending time with her and her adorable 17 month old daughter.


Thank you so much to Lindsay, Janetha, and Lauren for putting in so much work to make this past weekend possible. I cannot wait to see everyone again in Boulder for Blend 2015.



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It’s A Little Quiet Around Here

I know I’ve been quiet lately. And that will probably continue through June. Between school and work and hobbies and health coaching and friends, there isn’t much time for blogging. Plus, I’m still trying to figure out what I prefer blogging about. Personally, I don’t like to share much of my own stuff. But that’s what people want to read. I tried blogging about health topics, but those came across as so dogmatic.

Did you notice I started to redesign the look of my blog? But I haven’t finished it. Not sure when that will happen. I get 10 weeks off this summer. I’ll probably finish it then. Or I’ll be too busy traveling. I don’t know what my plans are yet. It’s currently spring break and I don’t feel like I’ve had much of a “break”. But some fun things happened recently.

It’s been hot lately (except for today, which is kind of overcast). I went to the beach the other day, which is basically in my backyard. Gotta layer on that sunscreen.


Don’t worry. I rubbed it in. No way I’m gonna go to the beach looking like that.

I went to a wedding on Saturday. My boyfriend was a handsome groomsman. There was an open bar and we definitely took advantage of that. Weddings are fun. But I prefer to be at them than to be in them.


I’ve triedto clean up my diet again recently. I’m back on track with exercising regularly. Needed to get back to eating clean. It’s not easy. I don’t know how people do it. I guess they just have way more will-power than me. But I did make a delicious meal the other night that reminded me that healthy food can also be super tasty.


Yes, this meal was paleo. But I’ve shied away from being paleo. Too many restrictions and not enough oatmeal. I think I’ll start cutting down on carbs again once I see some results in the gym. My body is super carb-sensitive, but I can handle sweet potatoes and oats.

That’s what’s been going on around here with me lately. Besides studying, writing student case studies, and putting together my UCLA induction program portfolio. Hopefully your life is full of more excitement.

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Expo West Recap

I had such a great time at Expo West this past weekend. Unfortunately, I only made it to 2 out of the 3 days. A bad cold kept me home yesterday. Yesterday was also the day that I was planning to go back and take pictures of my favorite booths and vendors. Instead, I will just have to tell you who some of my favorites were without good visuals.

First, I would like to say that nearly every single vendor was amazing. I can’t talk about every single one though because that would take up a lot of my time. So let me just share a few that really stood out to me.

Farmhouse Culture

This company made a kraut fan out of me. My mother always eats kraut on New Years Day (German tradition), and I used to always run out of the house screaming. The kraut she made (I think it was Libby’s from a can) smelled like a combo of stinky feet and rotten eggs. So naturally, I assumed kraut was one of the nastiest foods on the planet. Not so. And Farmhouse Culture has the most amazing kraut, which proves that this stuff is actually quite tasty. I’m not too into sweet stuff, so I was super happy to sample something that wasn’t too high in sugar content. Stumbling across Farmhouse Culture all the way up on the 3rd floor of the Anaheim Convention Center was meant to be. My favorite flavor is Garlic Dill Pickle. But Ginger Beet is awesome too, mostly because it’s hot pink and reminds me of my artsy friend Michelle. I went out and bought some Garlic Dill Pickle kraut at Whole Foods yesterday. I suggest you do too.


Bucha Live Kombucha

Bucha made my list of favorites because their Torrance headquarters is so close to me, I can ride my bike there. Well, that’s not the only reason I like them. I originally wrote this stuff off as being too sweet for my liking (as all kombucha can be due to added sugar). A few weeks ago, I was in Whole Foods and saw this stuff on sale, 2 for $6. That’s quite a deal if you’re familiar with kombucha. So I bought 2 new-to-me flavors, lemongrass ginger and grapefruit sage. To my surprise, they were not too sweet at all. They were perfect. I had the opportunity to try Bucha’s new yuzu lemon flavor at Expo West. It was great, but I’m still sticking with lemongrass ginger as my favorite flavor of theirs. Blood orange and masala chai are good flavors too. Check them out if you’re into kombucha.

Cappellos Gluten Free

There were so many gluten free companies being represented at Expo West. But none were as great as Cappellos. Cappellos makes a grain-free pasta out of almond flour that’s actually edible. They also make incredible cookie dough. The best thing about them is that they sent me home with a tube of their grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, peanut-free, paleo-friendly, vegan cookie dough. Yum! I can’t wait ’til I’m able to buy this stuff at my local retailer. But for now, I’ll just have to order it online.


Gnarly Whey

Last summer, my boyfriend and I decided that we were going to start lifting heavy things. This is tough, as injuries can occur. Enter protein powders. My boyfriend chose a disgusting, low-quality whey protein and I went with SunWarrior Blend. While I love SunWarrior, I’m not so sure it’s for extreme muscle recovery. It’s more of a replacement protein for vegans who need more protein in their diets. I was in the market for a stronger protein powder. Gnarly Whey was on my radar through various blogs because it’s a grass-fed whey protein. I heard grass-fed whey is the best. However, Gnarly Whey isn’t easy to find in stores. So I just kept purchasing SunWarrior and my boyfriend kept taking his low-quality whey protein. Meeting the GoGnarly team at Expo West convinced me that I need to do what it takes to get this protein powder. For starters, it’s all natural, grass-fed whey from New Zealand. Plus, the sample I tried tasted great. I’m hooked. Lucky for me, this stuff is quite affordable and is also on sale through the GoGnarly online store right now. I also have to mention that the GoGnarly team has excellent customer service. It was a pleasure meeting them at Expo West.

Steve’s PaleoGoods

It was love at first bite with Steve’s PaleoGoods. I was able to buy some of their product from Liz Wolfe when she was in town for a seminar in the winter of 2013. I bought berky and an original flavor paleo crunch bar. Then, through the foodie pen pal program, I received a tropical flavor paleo crunch bar and tomato balsamic marinade. Every single one of these items was excellent. The only downside was that none of these items was available for purchase in stores in Southern California. Womp womp. They were at Expo West looking for west coast distributors. Hopefully I’ll be able to find this stuff in stores soon. Steve, and the paleogoods team, hooked me up with peach bbq marinade and paleo sirracha sauce until I can find it in stores. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Steve’s is the best. And I love that a portion of their sales is donated to help at risk youth.

Mineral Fusion

I’m not a girly girl. I’m not super obsessed with make-up and I don’t understand why people waste money on manicures and pedicures. I’d rather paint my own toes for free instead of going to the salon and paying some random woman $30 to do it. I prefer to paint my toes with polishes that are void of harsh ingredients. Lucky for me, Mineral Fusion makes great nail polish colors that are formulated with natural minerals, cruelty-free and vegan. I got my finger nails painted Citrus Cove for free at their Expo West booth. I also got a makeover from one of their makeup artists. I love that all of their products are mineral-based. I can’t wait for Sprouts to have their quarterly 25% off health and beauty sale later this month so I can stock up on Mineral Fusion products.



I saw these Spoonk mats at Whole Foods a while ago and was intrigued, but never tried them until this past weekend. I actually planned to buy one of their display samples yesterday, but never made it down to Anaheim. I’m going to have to pick up one of these somewhere else. They’re acupressure mats that look silly but truly work to relax you. This is a product that I’m convinced I need.


There are several other companies that I was turned on to at Expo West. SenzaCare was one of them. They make sonic toothbrushes that are BPA free. SproutWatches was another company whose product I thought was adorable. Eco friendly watches with cute owl designs! Those watches are made for me. I’ll have to remember to put one of those on my Christmas wish list. As far as food products go, I’m now obsessing over InkaChips and Barnana snacks. I’m not sure that either of them is the healthiest choice, but I don’t care. They’re delicious! And, as expected, the new Hail Merry and Theo Chocolate flavors did not disappoint.

I’m already looking forward to attending Expo West in 2015. You can attend too! I had several friends volunteering at product booths. They had to do some work, but they did get in for free. I think it’s well worth it.

Did you go to Expo West?

What were some of your favorite booths?


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Only 4 More Days ’til I’m at Expo West

Expo West is this weekend. It will be my first time attending this convention. There are over 2,000 vendors scheduled to be at Expo West. That’s a lot of booths to cover in just 2 days (unless I’m “sick” and can’t go to work on Friday – thinking about it).

Here are just a few of the vendors I’m looking forward to seeing:

Organic India

This company makes the best tea. I am currently obsessing over the tulsi honey chamomile tea, but tulsi cinnamon rose is my all-time favorite one of theirs. They are not exclusively a tea company. They also sell herbs, supplements, and teecino (herbal coffee). I hope there are samples! You can check this company out here.

228c7_Set of 18 TB (Pack of 7)_lr

Theo Chocolate

My taste buds do a little happy dance every time I eat Theo Chocolate. One of the items on my bucket list is to take a tour of the Theo Chocolate factory in Seattle. It’s the first organic, fair trade chocolate factory in the world. Plus, all their products are ethical, sustainable, soy-free, and non-GMO. And the price is right.¬† Theo is pretty much the only brand of chocolate I consume these days. I really like the 85% pure dark chocolate, but sometimes I indulge and purchase other flavors. Some of my favorites are dark chocolate chili, dark chocolate salted almond, and ECI vanilla nib.



Seasnax really are strangely addictive. This is the only brand of seaweed snack that I eat and recommend to parents with picky kids. What I like best about them is that they use olive oil instead of industrial oils like canola. I think they might also be the only affordable brand of seaweed snacks that are certified non-GMO. The classic flavor is always a safe choice if you’re feeding a picky child. But my favorite flavor is spicy chipotle. Now I’m craving roasted seaweed. Time to place another order!


Love Grown Foods

This is another brand I recommend to busy moms who are looking to keep their kids healthy and gluten free while always on the go. Their oatmeal is super delicious and convenient for busy mornings where there’s not much time for breakfast. The real reason I’m super excited to see Love Grown Foods at Expo West is because they’re launching a top secret new product. Plus, they’re super passionate about what they do. In fact, we share the same passion of keeping kids healthy.



Sunwarrior is my protein of choice. I specifically like blending the vanilla warrior blend into my morning smoothies. It’s a vegan protein that everyone can enjoy. The best thing about it is that it contains all essential amino acids (including BCAAs to help you recover from tough workouts), and it’s soy free, gluten free, and non-GMO. I’ve only tried their protein powders, but I’m looking forward to sampling their vitamins and super greens as well.

SunWarrior Warrior Blend

Honorable mentions go to:

Hail Merry Snacks (best macaroons and tarts ever!!)

Suja Juice (no other pre-made juice comes close to being this good!!)

Mamma Chia (I recommend  their chia squeezes to kids/families I work with)

Primal Pit Paste (I’ll need this after walking around all day. Plus, who doesn’t want organic armpits?)

Will you be at Natural Products Expo West?

What vendors are you most excited to check out?

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Finding “Healthy” Again

There was a time in my life when I was really concerned with health. It was extremely important to me to lead a healthy lifestyle. And it made me feel good. Somewhere along the way, I lost that desire to be healthy. It was hard for me to admit that as a health coach. But I did it to show that I’m human and I too struggle to find a healthy balance in my life.


I think it all started to fall apart a few months into getting my new job last year. Between September 2012 and now, I have gained nearly 20lbs. Some of it is muscle, but most of it is fat.

I have struggled to find balance between work, relationships, and living healthy. It hasn’t been easy. I’m eating foods I tell others not to consume. Mostly due to stress. My stress eating is out of control and I’m not sure what to do about it.

I have come up with several goals to help me find “healthy” again:

- complete a Whole30 protocol starting February 1

- stretch daily and do yoga at least once per week

- start a gym training routine and enlist my friend Liz to hold me accountable

It’s not as easy as it seems due to my full-time job and the fact that I’m still taking college courses to clear my credentials. My stress level is high but I’m hoping to have it under control soon. I can’t let the foods I eat be my stress relief. That needs to come from something else.

See, health coaches struggle too. We’re not perfect, nor should we be.

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I Don’t Drink Coffee

I really don’t see the big deal with coffee. People treat it like some sort of magic elixir. But really, it’s not that special.

One time when I was a little girl, I asked my dad why he drank coffee. His reply was because other adults did it. His college friends were drinking it so he started too, when he was an undergrad at UCLA. He drinks it black. So when I was in college, that’s what I started doing too. My mom puts in a splash of 2% milk. I’ve always hated milk so that wasn’t an option for me. Neither of them use sugar in their coffee so I didn’t either.

Then one day when I was in my early 20′s (after 2 years of working for the green monster that is Starbucks), I thought to myself:

“Why am I drinking this crap? I don’t even like it!”

I didn’t have withdraws from the caffeine because I never drank it consistently. I never even owned a coffee maker. I usually just drank it when out with friends or at work. Sometimes I would brew some in my french press when I was feeling fancy. But coffee never took control of my life the way it does with some people.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. Some people can’t even function without it. They wake up like zombies and don’t even act human until they’ve had a cup of coffee.


I don’t quite get it. But working for Starbucks, I saw a lot of people like that. Way more than I cared to see.

Why let a substance control you?

Coffee is a powerful stimulant that can stress the adrenals. The stress can lead to adrenal burnout. Coffee consumption has also been linked to worsening symptoms of PMS, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, blood sugar regulation issues, weight gain, sleep disruption, and an overall feeling of fatigue when in need of a caffeine “fix”.

Why do that to yourself?

There are studies that show that coffee consumption can be beneficial in preventing or delaying Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. But that’s only if you drink it with the right kind of cream and absolutely no sugar or sweetener whatsoever. Most people who drink coffee can’t even fathom drinking it without sugar.

Coffee, or specifically caffeine, has been shown to increase oxygen to the brain when consumed before an anaerobic activity such as weight lifting. But if consumed too much on a regular basis, it actually has been shown to decrease overall blood flow to the brain. So in other words, drink it in moderate amounts only when needed.

Caffeine belongs to the same group of chemical compounds called alkaloids, which also include nicotine, morphine, codeine, and cocaine. So yes, it is a powerful, and highly addictive drug. If you feel like you absolutely cannot function without it, then you need to reevaluate your relationship with coffee.

I’ll stick to drinking herbal tea.

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Why I’m NOT A Night Owl

I love owls and think they’re adorable. They stand for wisdom and strength. So why do we label people who stay up way past when they should be in bed as “night owls”?


It really makes no sense to me why people who don’t have to stay up late choose to do so.

I get that some people are shift workers and staying up way past sundown, or working through the night, is necessary for them. But then there are certain people who choose to hang out at clubs and bars until 2:00am just for fun.

I am definitely not one of those people.

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a morning person. If the sun’s up, I’m up. Sometimes I’m up before the sun. And I can get up without caffeine. But keep me up late and I turn into one cranky bitch.

I knew there had to be a biological reason behind this. So I did some research.

This is why I’m not a night owl.

For starters, my job requires that I am at work promptly at 8:30am every morning. I’m usually there before 8:00am just for fun…because I do some of my best thinking and am most productive in the morning. In fact, the morning is when I type up most of my blog posts.

It’s no secret that sleep is crucial to your health. Everyone desires high-quality, restful sleep. In fact, everyone deserves it.

Good sleep helps our bodies and minds recover from the natural stresses in life. It keeps us lean, healthy, happy, and mentally focused. It’s just as critical to good health as diet and exercise. So why is it that a lot of people (i.e. college kids) choose to stay up late just because?

Chronically bad sleep, or not much sleep at all, can encourage body fat storage, screws up our hormones, ages us faster, increases chronic illness, reduces our libidos and lowers our IQs. Why on Earth would anyone want to do this to themselves?

I don’t. And that’s why I’m not a night owl.

Our ancestors didn’t have clocks or alarms. Of course they didn’t have jobs to get to or appointments to keep. They didn’t have lamps or computers, no TVs or smart phones, and nothing else to mess up their circadian rhythm. There was no reason to stay up past sundown. They may have gathered around a fire telling stories until they grew tired. But they never saw a reason to suddenly decide that it was time to go get drunk and sing karaoke at 11:00pm. “No thank you” they would think if you suggested such a silly idea.

I know people who stay up ’til at least 1:00am on a nightly basis and sleep in until after noon almost every single day. I think, “How on Earth do these people function normally?” Staying up to go out and get drunk, or even staying up to sit inside playing video games is common in our society. I’ve lived with people like this and it was extremely heartbreaking to see what they were doing to their health. They didn’t even know how they were harming themselves.

I want you to decide right now that you are going to get more sleep in 2014. You are going to regain the proper circadian rhythm and remedy your melatonin levels. It can be done.

First, you need to create a sleep routine. Going to bed at the same time each night and getting up at the same time every morning is important for good quality sleep. So consider keeping a sleep schedule. Minimize or eliminate your caffeine and alcohol consumption. Caffeine should not be consumed in the PM hours unless absolutely necessary (and it’s never really necessary). Alcohol consumption should be moderated. How about a glass of red wine with dinner a few times a week? Nothing more. Alcohol actually messes up sleep quality.

Chill out before bedtime. Don’t take on any mind-boggling tasks. Don’t hang out in brightly lit rooms if the moon is out. Minimize the use of electronics. Instead, read a book, play a non-electronic game, talk to your loved ones, tell stories with friends, sit outside and chat with neighbors. But don’t go out partying, dancing and drinking. Your quality of sleep will suffer.

There’s so much science behind the subject of sleep. Yet, most people have no clue that they’re doing it wrong. I’m going to try to sleep better from now on, and I’m definitely not going to be a night owl.

What are you going to do to sleep better?

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I’m Just Not That Into Blogging

I’m not a blogger at heart. I will continue to share healthy advice and relevant information regarding health coaching, but I can’t bring myself to enjoy sharing what I eat every Wednesday and linking up to other blog posts. It’s not me. I’m not here to share every single detail of my life. That’s stuff I share with friends, but not the world wide web.


I get it. There are bloggers out there who share every workout, every meal, every detail of their lives. And I do enjoy reading some of their blogs. But, I would be stretching things if I shared all that stuff on my blog. It’s not who I am. I enjoy living my life without constantly being judged by strangers. That’s why you will no longer see as much from me. Or at least, the content you’re seeing will be changing. I’m busy with a full-time job, a full-time relationship, and full-time friendships. But one day, I may find my blogging voice and share more with the world wide web. For now, though, just know that the whole concept behind “Wholesome by Design” is living a life that helps me thrive. My tagline is “…because we’re designed to thrive”. Blogging every personal detail isn’t helping me thrive.

My New Year’s resolution is to purge my life of things that don’t help me thrive and live my best life. This includes meaningless blog posts, excess sugar and carbs, certain friendships, and unnecessary expenses. I’m still figuring things out and it may take some time. But I’m content in life right now, and don’t need to post it on the internet. Be patient. Be kind. Be healthy. Thrive, and live your best life. That’s what it’s all about.

If you are interested in a more personal view of my life, then please follow me on instagram.

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