Five Things Friday

Do you read Clare’s blog? You should. She’s awesome. Just like me, she’s an Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduate. I was in the same place at the same time as her once, but I never actually got to meet her. She just started a Five Things Friday link up party and I’m joining in.


Five Things I Ate

I found these on sale at Whole Foods last weekend. I’m a huge fan of all things that Hail Merry makes. This was my first time trying the strawberry flavor. These didn’t disappoint, but I still love the vanilla ones the best.


Saturday afternoon was dedicated to studying. The schoolwork never ends when you’re a life-long learner. I cooked up some homemade sweet potato fries to munch on while reading all about emotional and behavioral disorders. If you follow me on Twitter then you know I lost my Fitbit last Friday. It turns out it was in the pocket of that green binder the whole time. I didn’t find it in there until Wednesday afternoon. spf

I ate fajita veggies and ground turkey three times this past week. I don’t mind. It’s one of my favorite meals because it’s full of flavor and easy to prepare. Plus, it transports well for work lunches.


I bought an organic rotisserie chicken at Whole Foods last Saturday. I’ve been snacking on chicken all week. I will never ever go back to being a vegetarian. This is one of my favorite snacks.


I used the bones from the rotisserie chicken to make homemade chicken broth. It’s so easy to make. I’ll never buy the tetra packs full of chicken broth ever again. I used the broth and some of the chicken to make chicken zoodle soup.


Five Blogs I’m Loving Right Now

A Gutsy Girl – Sarah is also a graduate of IIN. I love reading her blog for many reasons. She keeps it real. She’s not afraid to write about her gut issues. And she’s hosting secret Santa for the gutsy women, in which I will be participating. Sign up so we can be secret Santa’s.

PaleOMG – I want to be Juli’s best friend. Read her blog. It will make you laugh and feel hungry all at once.

Frugal Beautiful – Shannyn’s got some great tips that will save you money.

Cave Girl Eats – Read this blog if you’re looking for good advice on all natural, organic skincare. Liz is one half of the Balanced Bites podcast, and also the author of The Skintervention Guide, which I highly suggest you read.

Fitting It All In – I couldn’t leave Clare’s blog off the list. She’s the reason I’m writing this post. I love following her medical school journey. Plus, I love stalking her fashion posts.

I’m leaving out a fitness section for now since all my workouts have been boring lately. All I do is walk because I’m taking it easy while I heal my guts.

Have a wonderful Friday!




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3 Responses to Five Things Friday

  1. AHH thanks for linking up – going to check out some of those new blogs!
    So sad we never got to meet:), and now i’ll have to do more fashion posts!

  2. Good for you to stick to walking while you listen to your body! I’m sure it’ll thank you!

  3. I love sweet potato fries – I have baked any in awhile though because I’m so impatient. Like you, I’m okay with eating the same meal over and over especially when it’s so easy!

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